With over 20 years of experience in the Haunted Attraction industry, ScareCo, Inc. was founded in 2014 and has made a name for themselves by utilizing some of the most unique locations to hold their haunted attraction events.

Known for their high-impact actor driven events, ScareCo is quickly coming together to “Lead the Nation in Fear Creation” with some of the scariest, most realistic haunted attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Haunted Hornet – Alameda, CA – 2015 & 2016

After being decommissioned in 1970, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier was used to house a secret research facility specializing in deep sea research and Bermuda Triangle phenomena. Undergoing secret and extreme retrofitting, the ship and its crew set out to document what they found. While out at sea, the crew were involved in the discovery of an unexplained occurrence which began to affect the entire team and the ship. Immediately after, the program was cancelled, all items locked into storage and the ship was returned to Puget Sound for final mothballing.

45 years later, we are finally able to access these secret parts of the ship…

The Haunted Hornet will brought you ON BOARD the historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet, and sent you though several areas of the ship dressed out like you have never seen before! Each space packed with special effects and talented actors that both amaze and terrify over and over again

Platform 13 – Oakland – 2014

In 2014, ScareCo, Inc. brought you three uniquely haunted “attractions” located within Oakland’s Historic 16th Street Station at 1601 Wood Street, Oakland, CA 94607. With the terrifying Platform13, the interactive paranormal investigation of Contact, and the classic B Movie experience with Kaiju Encounter, each attraction had its own special theme and special effects; there were no overlapping of features or scares!


Platform13:  The thick Bay Area Fog is no stranger in this town but lately the neighbors have been afraid to open their eyes at night.  They say you can hear the rumbling of a steam engine, metal moving along steel tracks, and the faint sounds of whistles late at night. Many say they have even seen a ghost train rolling into the abandoned Platform13 station, only to have it disappear into the mist.
You will stand alongside passengers, who may not exist in this realm and are looking for a traveling companion!  Are you BRAVE enough to board the phantom train of Platform13?  Does the fire of lost souls fuel this steam engine?  We DARE you hop on board and remember don’t forget your ONE WAY ticket!

CONTACT:  The paranormal activity in the train station has been growing and with over 102 years of history, some is good and some well, not so much.  The most infamous case is that of the 4:45 train to Grand Island Nebraska, the sister station to Oakland, CA.  This train was sent by engineer and member of “The Big Four,” Theodore Judah.  Set to arrive at midnight two days after leaving the train station, it was carrying an unknown cargo — the train never arrived and there were no traces left behind.
We have located the epicenter of the activity, set up testing equipment, and we’re looking for answers.  Join our ghost hunters as they bring you along on a ghost hunt you will never forget!  Have you ever wanted the chance to come along for the ride of your life, just like a real ghost hunter?  The activity in the station has been the strongest we have ever seen in one location, and you are standing in it!

Kaiju Encounter:  There have been so many unexplained accidents during the construction of the new subway tunnel that wok has been brought to a halt. Even though the authorities are still investigating, many local politicians have insisted that work continues, and are convinced there is no danger below. Take a tour through the “safe zone” and see if there is really nothing to fear, or will the sounds of what lurks beneath turn your mind to one thing only…ESCAPE!
This tongue-in-cheek take on big bug and giant monsters pays homage to those old school Godzilla movies where your encounter is a little bit campy, a little bit creepy but a whole lot of fun!